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In NINETYs, we complete your dining experience by offering a unique food menu, which is highly influenced by the Australian cafe culture. “Inclusive” will be the right word to describe such Australian culture.

Sharing the same level of multi-nationality, Hong Kong and Australia respect and appreciate their people’s diverse cultural background and taste palette. Such appreciation towards diversity is reflected in our creative menu through thoughtful selection of ingredients, sophisticated execution and appetite arousing presentation.

Our kitchen is headed by Chef Hei, with the creative support from Chef KOO, the two work harmoniously in realising our vision with dedication, precision and consistency.


DAY 白天

Unique Aussie cafe styled breakfast and brunch.


Dinner and sharing plates suitable for any occasion.


Specialty coffee roasted by award winning coffee roasters:

ZEST Specialty Coffee Roasters from Australia & Taster's Coffee from Taiwan


Selection of red wine, white wine, Japanese sake and local beers

Tea 恬茶

Wide range of specialty teas from Tippity Tea Australia