NINETYs X JOCO 8oz Cup in Mood Indigo

NINETYs X JOCO 8oz Cup in Mood Indigo


Hand-blown Glass | Environmentally-friendly | Antibacterial

JOCO creates experience-enhancing and eco-innovative, reusable hand-blown glass cup – the smartest choice for people and the planet. Crafted from leading knowledge and materials, designed for a lifetime of use.


- Precisely formulated borosilicate glass

- Thermal shock resistant

- Etch and stain resistant

- Artisan blown

Lid & Sleeve

- Medical grade silicon

- 100% plastic free

- Certified non-toxic

- Non porous and Antibacterial

- Stain and odour resistant

- Anti-splash ergonomic design

Dimension (8oz)

- Volume 236ml

- Waist width 86mm

- Base width 59mm

- Height without lid 84mm

- Height with lid 108mm

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