- people -

We respect diversity in culture, experience and dreams. In NINETYs, we support and challenge each others, we believe by doing so, the chemistry between the team and inspiration generated can be maximised.


bruno koo

Brand Curator and Head Barista

ariel tsai  graphic designer

ariel tsai

Graphic Designer

Lilith 2.jpg

lilith chen

Interior Designer



Head Chef Hei

Over 20 years of experience with a solid casual dining background, Chef Hei heads the NINETYs kitchen with heart and soul.

Creative Head Chef Koo

Former chef from the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, Chef Koo uses his creativity and palate to develop NINETYs’ menu with strict quality control and elegant aesthetics.

Creative Chef Jo

As the creative chef of NINETYs, Chef Jo brings to the table flavourful menu items and creative uses of ingredients.


- Coffee Team -

Barista Yanese

It was the Aussie coffee culture that started the curiosity for coffee. Yanese’s dedication to try and perfect this craft has led her to becoming an excellent barista.

Barista Alan

“Art cannot be perfected, but improvements is made through constant practise and a strong fighting spirit.”

Barista Man Ho

Through a coincidence, Man Ho had a chance to work at a coffee shop. That started his obsession with coffee-related books and tutorials to keep improving his craft.


Barista Jerry

Jerry developed the love for coffee as a student and worked to participate in the 2018 Hong Kong Barista Championship. His passion to master this art led Jerry to becoming a barista.

Barista Bianca

It all started from a cup of coffee made by the host mother during an exchange to Brazil. The taste, aroma and craft captured the heart and now a barista, those same aspects is poured into her own art.

Barista Mikayla

Originally a musician, Mikayla was mesmerised with the creative and precise aspects of coffee. Now a barista, she hopes her dedication and passion is translated into every cup